Webify, Website Builder

Webify is a website content management system. WCMS stands for Website Content Management System. It essentially applies to a system which allows users to build and maintain their own website, blog, store (etc).

Wordpress Alternative

As an alternative to Wordpress, Webify boasts many of the same features and many other features which Wordpress lacks.

Open Source

Of course, Webify is open source and entirely free to use. When you download Webify, you get the core essentials for what you will need to build your Webify powered website.

The default Webify installation includes:

  • Webify CMS "Home Page" (home page and web page builder)
  • Webify Blog
  • Webify Contact Page
  • Webify Link Directory
  • Webify Photo Gallery
  • Webify Video Gallery

Once you install Webify on your website, you can add Webify apps with a single click from the Control Panel. They will automatically install into your website.

Check out the Complete List of Features.